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Calvi Airport Car Parks

The Calvi Airport has a car park with 200 spaces. The first 20 minutes are free.
After that you pay:

If you just need to drop someone off at the airport follow the sign for 'voie de dépose'. You won't have to pay. There is a sign indicating the car park entrance, taxi rank and drop off lane.

When you enter the car park you will take a ticket. Keep this ticket you will need to it to make payment and then exit. Payment can be made at one of the automatic payment machines (caisse in French) in the arrival zone. Modes of payment are credit card (French 'CB'), notes and coins. Machines give change. You can also pay by cheque at the information desk in the terminal. Once payment is made you have 15 minutes to exit the car park.

There is handicap parking at the airport. Spaces include phone to call for assistance.

Season Tickets

If you would like to buy a season ticket, I suggest you do so when you arrive at the airport. Take your ticket when you enter the car park and then go to the information desk.